Yodah is a complete system to manage your business.

Combining your marketing, operations and accounts into a single platform, Yodah allows you to run your business more efficiency, saving time and increasing profits.

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Yodah is a single online platform to run your business

Fundamentally, all businesses have 3 core processes; Marketing, Operations and Accounts.

The efficiency and profitability of a business relies not only upon how well these systems work individually, but also how well they work collectively.

Yodah combines these 3 processes into 1 platform making your business smarter, faster and more profitable.

Read on to find out more about the features of the systems and why having a single place to work is the smarter choice.


Digital marketing campaigns that feed leads directly through to your sales and order processing systems, including;

Contacts manager


Email marketing

Yodah's marketing features


Highly customisable and automated workflows that can be made to work the way you work, not the other way around.

Sales Orders

Purchase Orders






Yodah's operations features


Fully featured accounting system that is powerful, easy to use and comes with lots of time saving features.

Digital invoicing

Digital statements

VAT Return (MTD)

Card payments

Bank reconciliation

Yodah's accounting features

System-wide features

File storage, emails and notes from across all features are stored and accessed from a single place - Yodah.


File storage

Audit logs

Yodah's system-wide features


Yodah Updates

There is an update being applied over the weekend as follows;
  • You can now delete customers/contacts from the customer list page. You can only delete customers/contacts with no activity saved against them
  • On the edit customer page we have now tabulated the addresses so that they are easier to view and edit
  • You can now save comments against customer addresses
Sales Orders
  • We have made packing and delivery notes available on both the call-off and delivered stages for more flexibility
  • When creating/editing SOs, we have added an extra option to delivery address called ‘Customer collection’. When checked, you can select an office address to show where the order will be collected from. This address is then used on packing and delivery notes.
  • Added a new filter so that you can now quickly filter the SO list to hide Completed/Lost orders (i.e. the list only shows ‘active’ orders)
  • We have added weight and pallet spaces to the call-off info modal
  • We have added buttons so that call-offs can be dispatched from this modal (which may be useful from the calendar page)
  • Sales orders are now opened in a new window if you use the link to view the order
  • We have added a new field to products called ‘Weight’. This value is shown in call-offs and on delivery/packing notes (as well as a total weight value being calculated and displayed). Previously, you may have added weight as a product attribute, unfortunately, this is a separate value and needs to be filled in. Going forward, do not use weight as a product attribute (use this field instead). You will receive a warning message when creating call-offs letting you know if a product within the call-off does not have a weight value, this is so that staff are aware that the total weight value may not be correct.
  • We have added a feature whereby you can now add guidelines for product/service descriptions. This can be found on the Setup > Products page.  This will be useful if you are adding products/service descriptions which are then displayed on your website using the API.
  • We have added product name to the Purchase Order Override, so that particular suppliers can have custom SKUs and product Names show on their Purchase Orders.
  • Added admin user variables to the system emails. This means that you can now customise system emails (e.g. quotes) so that they appear to come from specific admin users as opposed to your companies generic sales/accounts address. 
  • Fixed a bug with links to mailables occasionally not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug whereby admin users credentials may not be sent
  • Fixed issues whereby the incorrect company name was showing on some system notifications (new user created, low stock warning, PO delivery notifications)
  • Updated the Purchase Order notification to include orders that have been fully delivered

Yodah Updates

Happy New Year!
Over the last few weeks we have been adding lots of tooltips across the system. There have also been a number of updates applied, in summary;
  • You can now link a contact to a company address, allowing you to geo-locate your contacts. This can be made mandatory in order for users to progress a Sales Order with this company (ensuring that your customer data is as accurate as possible and there are no hold-ups with the order)
  • New address type ‘branch’ added
  • You can now link companies to different bank accounts which are displayed on their invoices
Sales Orders (SOs)
  • Product availability is now checked when call-offs are created and if the stock is low, a warning is shown to the user
  • ‘Quote Draft’ status has been renamed to ‘Lead’
  • Option to make the delivery address contact a required field
  • Quantity of a product in stock and available has been added to the products table in an SO
  • Product type has been added to the product selector in create SO products table
  • ‘Required by’ field has been renamed to ‘Estimated date’
  • Improved UI so you can now add addresses when creating new contacts from within an SO
  • Pallet spaces field has been added
  • Total product weight is now calculated and displayed (for all products that have a weight value added)
  • Delivery address can be edited from the call-off modal
Sales Invoices (Sis)
  • New filter for credit limits added
Purchase Orders (POs)
  • Delivery number has now been added to incoming deliveries
  • Required by and Due date fields have been added to the PO list
  • You can now duplicate a PO from the PO list
  • True cost feature added to products, this allows a value to be entered which is used to calculate the margin of a product (as opposed to using the actual purchase cost of the product). This is useful for accounting for incoming delivery costs, import duties, labour costs in processing/manufacturing etc.
  • Materials planner has been added whereby shortfall can be calculated for a product and its components based upon scheduled call-offs. Purchase Orders for the components can be raised at the click of a button
  • Feature text has been added to products. This is an extra field that is returned with a product in API calls
  • Minimum stock levels have been added, including notifications to users when this threshold is reached and a filter to the products table to view products below the threshold
  • Multiples of and minimum order quantities have been added to products. Warnings are displayed on SOs & POs if these requirements are not met
  • Ability to minimise the top products table for better UI
  • New notification when a PO is delivered or partially delivered
  • GDN and packing notes have been updated with pallet spaces & weight fields
  • There is now the option to include product attributes on mailabales
  • Our email server (which sends system emails) has been upgraded to its own dedicated IP which should help improve email deliverability (reducing the amount of emails ending up in customers spam/junk folders)
  • Our system emails now also include a plain text version of the email to help improve deliverability
Calendar view
  • Has been improved to display and process call-offs
  • Fixed an issue where files were not working with bank transactions
  • Related products are now returned via the API
Over the next month we will be releasing the final part of our email deliverability upgrade, which allows clients to setup their domain DNS so that system emails appear to come directly from their email accounts (as opposed to emails showing the ‘sent on behalf of’ text). This final feature will give system emails the best chance of getting through to customers/suppliers inboxes as opposed to getting stuck in their junk folder. It should mean that system emails have the same chance of landing in a customer’s/suppliers inbox as an email sent directly from a user’s email account.
We will also be doing further work on emails, including a new contacts list manager (and importer), and launching our email marketing system.
Many thanks for your continued support.

Yodah Updates

An update was applied this morning:
Card Payments
  • Update to notifications so that payments and allocations are now separate notifications
  • Update to notifications so that failed card payments are not shown as false positives
  • Fixed a bug with combined proformas/invoices which threw an error message ‘you cannot pay more than the invoice amount’
  • Customer statement layout has been updated so that the senders company name is shown in the top right of the page with the rest of the senders info
  • Credit notes have had ‘Invoice ref:’ changed to ‘Credit ref:’
  • Fixed a bug whereby customer statements would not send sometimes
  • Added an option under Setup > PDFs that allows you to show the short description of products on quotes and invoices
  • We have added order contacts details to the order contact so that it is easier to see the customers contact info
  • Fixed a bug with the SO list search so that it searches SO values
  • Fixed a visual bug whereby some dropdown menu items could not be partially seen
  • Fixed a bug with the job status report which did not return jobs that were at a particular status for only one day
  • Added related products feature to products
  • Shipping rate can now be set per configuration of product
Many thanks for your continued support!

Yodah Updates

The latest update has been applied this morning as follows;
We have been working on our API which can be used to turn your website into an online portal or e-commerce shop for your customers. For example you could allow users to login to you website to;
  • Purchase products or services
  • View or interact with orders (upload files, complete forms etc)
  • Update/change their contact details
  • etc
Please contact us if you would like further information on this.
Year End
We have added Year end functionality and updated our turnover and P&L reports so that they allow access to all previous periods and years whilst calculating the correct figures. Only users with the ‘Accountant’ privilege can run the Year End feature.
Bank Rec
If there are any unapproved expenses, you will be notified of this when you open the Bank rec feature. This will help avoid duplicating of transactions.
VAT Return
Further fixes and improvements to the VAT Return feature.
Pay now for combined invoices/proformas
You will now find the Pay Now button on combined invoices and proformas.
Comments and notes (e.g. SO comments) have been improved to use markdown formatting. This should make comments easier to read and use.
There are also various other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Yodah updates

We applied an update overnight with the following changes;
Card payments - 3DS
Card payments are now taken using 3DS in preparation for the upcoming PSD2 changes that come into effect in Europe on 14th September (which makes this security step mandatory for all online card payments). This means when a customer makes a card payment, they will be prompted for a second security code (2 factor authentication) by their bank, making online card transactions more secure.
A side effect of this is that we can no longer take customer card payments over the phone within Yodah, as we would not be privy to the customers secret security code. We have therefore removed this feature from the admin pages.
We have updated expenses approval within Yodah to make it faster and easier to use.
SO Mark tasks as complete
We have added a new feature to Sales Orders which allows all tasks related to the sales order to be marked as complete. This can be useful when a SO is updated to Lost/Complete status, to automatically complete any associated tasks. You can turn this on using the Sales Order Workflow editor under Setup.
Bug Fixes
  • Transaction list – fixed miscalculation error
  • Job list – fixed the search so you can now search for jobs via their job ID
  • Card payment notification – we fixed a bug that caused a card payment notification to be sent when the card transaction was not successfully completed
  • Batch invoice – fixed a bug whereby the default VAT was not being applied to the transactions

Yodah Updates

Hi everyone, 
The latest Yodah update is as follows;
New features
Notifications & Slack 
You will find a new page under Setup called Notifications. On this page you can control your companies’ notifications settings, including turning on Slack integration so that you receive notifications from Yodah as direct messages to yourself or into your Slack channels for group messages.
There are a range of notifications that can be turned on/off from this page, the most notable being for customer card payments received by Yodah and if a system email failes to be delivered.
Tasks have also been upgraded to work with the new notification system, so that users are now reminded if a task is due (or overdue). We have also added a new dashboard widget showing your upcoming tasks.
SO follow-ups now work differently too, instead of setting a generic date to ‘follow-up’ the order, it is a shortcut to create a task that is linked to the order.
Minor fixes & improvements
VAT MTD – we have added the HMRC security headers
Batch invoices/credits – the default N/C for the customer/supplier is now automatically pulled through when adding batch invoices/credits
Customer statements – we have fixed a bug whereby the companies’ users were not being pulled through to the Email to field when creating a customer statement
PO PDF – we have amended the products/services table in Purchase Order PDFs so that the Net and VAT values are displayed more clearly
Proforma PDF – we have added the date to a proforma PDF
Customer edit – fixed a bug whereby you did not get an error message if trying to add a contact with no name
Finance activity view – we have separated the type and ref columns so that you can order by type
Number of comments – we have fixed a bug where the number of comments was sometimes calculated incorrectly
Export TB – we have fixed a bug that caused rows with a value of 0 to be included in the Trial Balance export

Yodah Updates

Hi everyone,
Updates as follows (which are being applied over the weekend);
New features & enhancements
System email logs - System emails (quotes/invoices/statements/receipts etc) are now fully logged so you are able to see if/when the email was delivered, as well as if/when it was opened, and if/when any links were clicked on within the email.
Please note: to use the email link click tracking feature, then you must add links to emails as links, as it will not work on plain text. i.e. add a link as <a href=”full URL here”>Link name</a>.
You can also see a list of all emails sent by the system under Setup > Email -> Sent Emails History button.
We will be adding notifications in the next update (e.g. if there was a problem sending the email, you will be notified via Slack/email).
Expenses – We have improved the expenses approval system so that you can rotate and zoom into reciepts to make them easier to view.
Interactive Statements – We have improved our statements making them easier to read and understand as well as providing more information.
We have now added an extra ‘Remaining’ column which displays the amount of money that has not been allocated from a transaction. Users also have the ability to hide/show fully allocated transactions (so that you can hide all paid invoices, or show them if you want to check how payents have been allocated). We have also introduced the hover feature that shows you how transactions have been allocated against other transactions
Interactive statements now offer all the information a customer needs to view all of their transactions, download any missing invoices and see which invoices their payments have been allocated against.

Debtors – we have added 2 new action buttons to the debors page that allow you to quickly create a task for a customer with the default text ‘Chase {customer.name} for debt’ or to quickly send a statement to a customer.
Purchase Credit (PC) – You can now save files against a PC
Bug fixes
Expenses App - We fixed a bug with the expenses app that stopped images from being saved to the PI/BP when the expense was approved. We also fixed another bug whereby the date of the expense was being saved as the current date (instead of the actual date set when the expense is created)
Finance activity – We have made minor improvements to the layout of the table to make it easier to read
Trial balance – fixed an issue whereby the VAT liability may not be displayed on the TB
Period balance – we have identified and an issue whereby a customers period balance may be calculated incorrectly when transactions were unallocated.
Purchase Invoice carriage – we have identified and fixed an issue whereby carriage charges were not automatically added to a PI generated for a PO.
VAT Return – we have identified and fixed an issue whereby some journal entries may not be displayed correctly on the VAT Return.

Yodah updates

Card payments
We now have card payment facilities built into Yodah. This means that once you have signed up to it, you will be able to accept card payments from directly within Yodah.
You can do this when logged in by clicking on the pay icon on invoices, or navigating to Customers -> Card payments.
Also, you have the option to offer customers the ability to pay for proformas or invoices from directly within the invoice if it is sent as a web link. Payments made will automatically be allocated against the invoice.
There is a setting for card surcharges that can be charged to customers who are paying with a corporate credit card. We have implemented a card checker that will identify if this type of card is being used and then automatically apply the card surcharge. We cannot guarantee that this card checker will work 100% of the time as we are not in control of the card number database that it uses, however, during testing it has not let us down yet and we are expecting reliability of 99%+ at this point in time. If the surcharge is applied to the payment, Yodah will automatically add the surcharge value to the invoice on the customer’s account and allocate the payment against it.
If you would like to get signed up to use card payments just pop me an email and we can get the application started, it takes around 2 weeks to process once submitted.
The process involves signing up for your payment gateway and merchant services being provided by Yodah. Rates are listed on the card payments page when you are logged in.
Edit jobs
There was a [very annoying] bug that was stopping you from editing some jobs. Apologies for this – it has now been fixed.
Edit customers
There was a bug that was preventing customers setup as individuals from editing some of their contact details. This has now been fixed.
There was a bug that was preventing some expenses with multiple images from being approved, this has now been fixed.
That is all of the updates for this week – we expect the next update to cover minor bug fixes and improvements and it should be pushed out early next week.
Thanks again!

Making Tax Digital (MTD) - VAT

We are pleased to announce that Yodah is now recognised by HMRC for Making Tax Digital (MTD) VAT which will become mandatory for businesses from April 2019. 

You can find us listed on HMRC's website as a recognised application: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/software-for-sending-income-tax-updates

For our users, this means that after completing the MTD VAT setup in Yodah, your VAT return is sent directly to HMRC when you complete your VAT return on Yodah.

For further information, please press the help button on the Accounts => VAT Return page.

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