Yodah has a full-featured calendar system for all users. The booking system links the users calendars to sales orders and jobs allowing staff to manage their diary and availability and to manage and organise site related jobs.

The calendar and booking system also fully integrates with Microsoft Office 365, meaning events can be synced in real time directly with users desktop and mobile devices native apps.


Booking & workflows

For many services, there is an event that requires booking in.

With this in mind, Yodah's booking feature can be deeply integrated into the workflow, providing a seamless link between the sales order, the job, the staff member the job is assigned to and their schedule.


Booking automation

Bookings can be automated so that the workflow stage is updated if the booking is provisionally booked, confirmed or completed. This reduces input required from end users and keeps the job information up to date.

Further events such as tasks, emails and invoices can also be triggered when the job is automatically updated.


Microsoft Office 365

Yodah's calendar can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365, allowing you to seamlessly link your desktop and mobile phone calendar applications into Yodah.

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