Yodah has multiple options for providing e-commerce functionality, including;

You can choose to utilise one or all of the above e-commerce shopfronts to generate leads and orders for your business. But that's just the beginning. Once the orders start rolling in you can use Yodah's integrated systems to make processing the order a breeze.


Yodah Plugin & API

Yodah has an e-commerce API providing maximum flexibility when it comes to providing e-commerce.

To simplify things, we have also developed a Wordpress Plugin, which allows you to simply and easily add e-commerce functionality to a Wordpress website.

In both of these cases, we give you the power to fully tailor your e-commerce experience, without restricting or limiting you via a particular host or other constraint.

If you need help setting up an E-commerce site, check out experienced web-developers in our partners directory.



The data the customer sees and the data that your staff see is the same, so it is always accurate up to date.

New orders are automatically added to the Sales Order list, so they are same if they are placed by customers over the phone or through a checkout.



Having your e-commerce website fully integrated with your marketing, operations and account platforms helps increase efficiency, improve customer experience and increase your revenue.

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