Yodah has multiple options for providing e-commerce functionality, including;

  • Yodah Wordpress Plugin
  • E-commerce API
  • Shopify Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration

This gives you multiple options to provide a front end shop for your customers.


Design it how you like

Yodah's products and categories are extremely flexible, allowing you to organise your products, options and accessories in the best way for you.

Using the API means that you can design the content and appearance of the shop however you like.

If you need help building a new website or adapting your current one then speak we can help, just contact us for further information.


Real time data

The data the customer sees and the data that your staff see is the same, so it is always accurate up to date.

New orders are automatically added to the Sales Order list, so they are same if they are placed by customers over the phone or through a checkout.


Increased revenue and efficiency

Having your e-commerce website fully integrated with your marketing, operations and account platforms helps increase efficiency, improve customer experience and increase your revenue.

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