Audit trails

From the first contact to the latest invoice, every note, quote and communication is stored by Yodah.

use this data for following audit trails or creating advanced reports.

Simple and precise


The Sales Order activity log allows you to quickly identify every change made to the order.

Comments can easily be added to keep notes about the order in a central place.
Powerful and detailed


The Job status report allows you to see how long a job is a particular stage throughout the job's average lifecycle, allowing you to identify bottlenecks in your business process.

Quickly identify how many jobs are being processed by staff members allowing you to track performance and help balance workloads.
Customer engagement


Yodah tracks customers when they view quotes, proformas, invoices and statements. 

This data helps you to build a better picture of your customers behaviour, whether it is increasing the likelihood of winning an order, or tracking payment performance. 
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