Yodah is highly flexible and can be customised to businesses needs.

If there are any features that may be bespoke to your business we will be able to develop them for you. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss this further.

Google maps integration

Yodah integrates with Goggle maps. Addresses are automatically looked up by the system, decreasing time spent and increasing accuracy when entering contact details for contacts and orders.

You can also use the map feature to see a geographical breakdown of your sales orders and jobs by category, for example, where your active jobs and orders are, where you have outstanding quotes, and where you are winning or loosing business.

Personal customisation

If your business has bespoke requirements that are not already met by the Yodah system our development team would be more than happy to help develop further systems to enable you to work smarter and more efficiency.

Please contact us to discuss options further.
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