• Save time doing your bank reconciliation.

  • Less errors due to data coming directly from your bank account.

  • Process orders faster with automation and notifications to sales and ops teams as soon as a customer has paid.

  • Easily keep your accounts up to data on a daily basis with notifications, auto-matching and auto-verification for all new transactions.

  • Fully encrypted, keeping your data safe.


Stay up to date

You can setup Yodah to send you notifications whenever you have new bank transactions, keeping your financial records always up to date.

As well as receiving notifications when logged into Yodah, you can also set up email and Slack notifications, so that you never miss a transaction.


Auto matching

When your bank feed has a new transaction, Yodah will automatically search your bank transactions to see if it can find a match.

If no match can be found Yodah will help you create a new transaction, by looking up the transaction details and matching it to your Customer and Supplier records, helping you save time.

If Yodah can't find a suggestion, simply enter the correct transaction and Yodah will remember this for next time.


Auto verification

The aim of the bank feed is to help you save time with your bank reconciliation.

Since transactions are being created directly from your bank account, Yodah automatically verifies them, saving you lots of time.


Got a question

If you're not sure about a transaction on your feed, you can leave a note to later review it with a colleague.

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