Yodah allows you to store files against every entity within they system, including; Contacts, Orders, Jobs, Invoices, and Transactions helping you organise your data.

Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint (Office 365) & Dropbox Business means the data remains easily accessible to you on your desktop and mobile.


Invoices & receipts

Gone are the days of paper filing or manually creating folders to store your scanned invoices.

Yodah allows you to drag and drop documents directly against Purchase Invoices speeding up administration and providing quick and easy access to the documents for your accounts team.


Automated file structure

Yodah takes care of your file structure for you by automatically creating new folders whenever you create a new contact, quote, order, invoice or expense.

This means that staff do not need to worry about storing files in the correct place and have more time for more important tasks.


Microsoft & Dropbox

Yodah can integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint (Office 365) and Dropbox for Business, meaning that your files are always accessible to you on your desktop or mobile using native file applications for your device.

This also means your data can always be easily accessed, backed up and versioned (depending upon the configuration of your file service).

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