Purchase orders

Yodah has a flexible purchase ordering system that has stock, dropship and sub-contracting purchase order types.

Purchase orders can be automatically generated by Yodah and linked to sales orders helping to quickly identify related orders.


Automatically created

Purchase orders can be automatically be created by the sales order system when required, for example if there is not enough of a product in stock to fulfil an order, or when processing dropship products or sub-contracted services.

The purchase order is linked to and pre-filled with the customers information from the sales order.

Sales order link

The ability to link a purchase order to a sales order provides better understanding of your purchasing, and allows users to quickly identify and resolve issues when dealing with dropships and sub-contracts.

Purchase Invoices

Purchase Invoices are added directly against the Purchase Order making it easier to accrue for Purchase Invoices missing from suppliers.

The Purchase Invoice can be scanned and saved directly against the Purchase Order, using Yodah's File System, so the information is always to hand if required.
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