Interactive mailables

Correspondence including quotes, proformas, invoices, receipts and statements can be sent as either a PDF or a web page link.

When sent as a link, they provide rich and interactive information allowing customers to get further information on the product, payments and more.



Mailables can be sent to contacts as a PDFs attached to an email.

PDFs can be customised with your companies logo and messages.

Web links

When a web link is clicked on by a customer, this action is tracked and recorded by Yodah.

The click is recorded against the customer or sales/purchase order activity timeline, so that you are better informed as to when contacts are viewing the information you have sent them.
Interactive & productive

Invoices and statements

When a customer is sent a statement as a web link, they also have the ability to view any invoices or transactions within the statement. 

This helps save time when resolving accounts related queries and issues.
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