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How it works

Integrated card payments

Signing up to Yodah’s card services allows you to take advantage of Yodah’s integrated card payment features.

Your card payment gateway and merchant account are directly integrated into Yodah and are provided in partnership with NetPay.

Staff will be able to process card payments taken over the phone and customers are be able to pay for invoices from within the invoice they are sent when using interactive mailables.

If you are using the E-commerce API, card services are required so that customers can make a card payment in the checkout.


Accept all major debit and credit cards

Save time as payments are automatically allocated against invoices and reconciled to the correct account

Automatically detect corporate credit cards and charge a surcharge where required

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment gateway meaning all of your data is 100% secure

Securely store customer cards against the customer for repeat payments

Save time as customers can make payments directly against proformas and invoices that are sent to them via interactive mailables

International capability enabling businesses to take payments from around the globe

Competitive rates

3D Secure (3DS) for customer card payments



Setup cost - £35


£25/month (includes 400 transactions and card tokenisation for secure card storage & repeat payments)

Transactions over 400 charged at 8p/transaction

Merchant account

Minimum charge £20/month

Debit card transactions = 0.45% + 4p

Credit card transactions = 1.075% + 4p

Corporate card transactions = 2.1% + 4p (you can choose to automatically charge a surcharge to your customers using these cards)

Refunds = free

Non-secure fee = +0.5% (for card transactions where there is no chip & pin or no 3DS)

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