Simple yet powerful, tasks allows users to monitor their workloads and ensure that no details are overlooked.


  • Helps streamline workflows.

  • Provides valuable data on task timelines and priorities.

  • Enables teams to share tasks and updates.

  • Enhances accountability. Team members know their responsibilities and deadlines.

  • Enable users to set reminders for follow-ups.


Task Automation

Yodah's automation features enhance productivity and minimise missed opportunities. This feature can be used to automate task creation in response to specific events.

Once configured, whenever a specific event is triggered, users will receive prompts to create the predefined task. For example, whenever a lead is created, you could create a task for one of the sales team to qualify the lead.

Users also retain the flexibility to cancel task creation if it is not suitable, preventing the unnecessary generation of tasks.

This feature streamlines workflow processes and ensures that critical tasks are never overlooked.


Task Templates

Yodah simplifies task creation with its Task Templates feature. These templates can be set to automatically populate task details when creating a new task, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Task templates can be tailored by applying a specific type to the task (Global, Order, or Email) to determine where it can be applied as well as supporting variables that aid in task differentiation.

Once a task template is set up, it becomes accessible in relevant contexts and additionally integrates with automation processes for efficient task creation.


Task Board

Task boards provide a great way to organise and manage your tasks. By organising tasks into lists and placing the lists on a board, you can quickly and easily get an overview of different users or teams workloads.

Simple and easy to use user interface allows you to drag and drop tasks between lists, and create as many lists and boards as you like.

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