Manufacturing Schedule

Our manufacturing planner is the hub that ties your sales, purchasing and operations teams together.


BOM Forecasting

Once you begin a manufacturing batch, the BOM stock availability is decreased.

You can setup stock alerts notifications when stock levels reach a certain number of available units.

We also have a BOM shortfall feature to quickly and easily generate purchase orders to replenish stock to suitable levels.


Stock Forecasting

When working on quotes and orders, sales staff can easily view the upcoming stock availability, which is based upon the manufactured and outgoing orders.

When staff schedule orders, Yodah will check the schduled manufactruing batches with other out going deliveres and will warn staff if there is going to be a stock shortage.

This foresite gives staff the ability to decide where is most effective to allocate stock.

Operations staff can view the quotes and scheduled orders to have a clear understanding of what needs to be made, and when it needs to be shipped.

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