Create your web form

Add web contact forms to your website as a customer Call to Action (CTA). This helps to increase user engagement and generate leads from your website.

You can add web-forms wherever you like and can customise them as needed, by changing the fields or style of the form.

When used in conjunction with our Wordpress E-commerce Plugin, you can also take advantage of auto-complete address fields, and include product data with the form.

SECURE Cycle Store

Read about how SECURE Cycle Store use Yodah's Contact Forms to help drive customer leads and enquiries.

Case study

Automatically create leads

When the contact form is submitted, Yodah creates the new customer and contact, and creates a new lead for them. If the contact form was submitted using our Wordpress E-commerce Plugin, the new lead will also contain information relating to the product the customer was viewing when they submitted the form.

You can then use Yodah's powerful automation feature to do things such as;

  • Create tasks for your sales team to qualify the lead
  • Send an email to the customer acknowledging their enquiry or requesting further information

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