SECURE Cycle Store

E-commerce, manufacturing, distribution & contracting

About SECURE Cycle Store

SECURE Cycle Store is a SMB operating out of Liverpool, UK. They design, manufacture, supply and install bicycle storage solutions in the UK and Europe, including products such as; bike shelters, bicycle racks, and public bike repair stations.

Their business required a unique blend of features from their software platform, covering;


An E-commerce website was required to showcase and sell their products and services.


Some products are manufactured by the business, so inventory management, and manufacturing for stock forecasting was also essential.


The business has installation teams and therefore had to manage the workforce.


Alongside manufactured goods, the business also stocks and dropships a variety of products, so flexible order processing was also essential.

Other features


Yodah's CRM system uses tasks, to manage users workloads and make sure no opportunities are missed. Timelines with emails and comments give users complete traceability on every contact and order.


Having integrated payment solutions with the E-commerce and Proformas allows the company to quickly and easily collect payment from customers. There is also the ability to set credit limits and payment terms for customers and suppliers adding to the flexibility.

File storage

Plans, designs, specification sheets and contracts are all stored in Yodah, alongside Purchase Invoices and Expenses Receipts, making it quick and easy to find any files.


The previous system at SECURE Cycle Store relied on a combination of an accounting system and manual filing, which posed several challenges and limitations which needed to be overcome to enable to business to further succeed. These included:

Accurate lead times

Providing accurate lead time information to customers, which required calculations based on stock levels, manufacturing capacity, and component lead times

Real time stock visibility

Real-time visibility into stock availability based upon customer orders, and scheduled manufacturing.

Proactive instead of reactive

Proactively identifying potential stock and component shortages based on customer orders before they actually arise

- Alex Daly

“Yodah's wide feature set has allowed us to unify our business in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. Other platforms that we considered were not cost effective for our business or were lacking certain features.”

Operations Director - SECURE Cycle Store